RFC1483 (obsoleted by RFC2684) bridged encapsulation for linux 2.4 by GAL, Marcell (Hungary).
Find some useful Linux-DSL-ATM related information on http://x-dsl.hu/linux/
NEW TUTORIAL from Eric Leblond. (Thanx Eric). Be sure to start there, it is a good getting started guide. Anyway the rest info here is kindof old, take those with a grain of salt. I recommend using a new kernel, official (Linus) kernel contains br2684.c since 2.4.19, so you will not need the patching than. (but still need the linuxatm libraries and user-space daemon code.)

Some of the older patches came boundled with Mitchell Blank's PPPoverATM driver, since they shared some ioctl functions. Mitch has also contributed to the br2684 code. THX.
Also thanx to

You can get the utilities, and the patch here:
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If you need a little more than the public version, like some professional services (auditing measuring setups, hints on code development - including pppoe systems - or the newest br2684 version with more documentation, you can contact info@x-dsl.hu) x-dsl.hu
Professional Services at x-dsl.hu
TUTORIAL by Joonbum Byun

(old and short) USAGE:

"Myung Choi" <myung.choi@gtri.gatech.edu> reports that he could even use bridge tool to combine all the PVCs with another ethernet interface. They all became one domain and the linux was doing perfect bridging (switching). :)
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