Singular browser download system v0.1

Version: v0.52

This page was created to allow customization of Singular browser compile time options, without having to compile it locally. If a combinations does not compile, then it needs manual modification of code. As Singular browser can be compiled on a wide variety of systems including Linux, win32, SunONE, OSX, *BSD, etc. so you can also try to compile it yourself.

Target system
C64 or C128 in C64 mode. Also with SuperCPU64.
C128 in native mode. Also with SuperCPU128.
Video output on VIC-II.
Video output on VDC.
Video output on 64 KiB VDC.
Extra memory
No extra memory, but on C128 of course the second bank is used.
Don't do this, it's very slow. But if still, then JiffyDOS or DolphinDOS strongly recommended! Also do not store anything on the swap disk, or you'll risk data loss! Up to 170 KiB. Drive 8.
Use swap files on IDE64. Up to 16 MiB. Drive 12.
Use REU as extra memory. Also it's used for fast screen scrolling. Up to 16 MiB.
Use +60K memory expansion. Up to 48 KiB.
Use SuperCPU's memory expansion. Up to 16 MiB.
Use the Retro Replay's onboard RAM. Up to 32 KiB.
Choose this for TFE and ETFE network card support.
(E)TFE settings
(E)TFE ethernet card base address.
Choose this for RR-Net network card support.