I used to be known as Steve by many of my friends here . My official name is: "Szaniszló" (this is my family name) - it means: "persistent, enduring, unchanging or someone who never gives up". The word comes from the Polish "Stanislaw". + "István" (this is my given name by my mother) - it was the name of the first king of Hungary and it means: "crown" - the word comes form Greek via the German "Stefan" to Hungarian: István. My body was born on 25th March, 1974. I used to live in Agárd at the shore of Lake Velence.
One thing I really like is sailing. Every year I used to spend some time sailing on the lake Balaton, or somewhere else. In 1986 in Cadet class with Ádám Szakasits I reached the 3rd position on the yearly national top list of sailors in Hungary and I won silver medal on the national sailing championship of Hungary - being second only behind Szabolcs Majthényi who won gold medal on the 1994 World Championship in Sidney, and since that time he has been at least 5 times the best sailor of the world.
Although Hungary has quite a lack of snow, another sport I am fond of is skiing. Besides, I like hiking at the nature, cycling (I have a Peugeot racing cycle), reading, cooking, going to the cinema, theater, opera, pubs, parties, concerts, and listening to music - like normal people do, I think.
Till October 1996 I have been managing the computer server called Unicorn of the famous KSZK group here. I liked it pretty much! I have put the first national IRC server on it at that time. And within 72 hours after the WWW was invented in CERN, I had a WWW server running on the Unicorn already. The next system manager of Unicorn was dLux. At that time I used to manage the server called alpha.ttt.bme.hu too. And I still love to work with UNIX systems.
In 1996-97 I was the system manager of the central main computers in the headquarter office, and the central network manager of the whole Hungarian computer network of the 41st largest company of the world at that time. In that same year we have published a book, that was probably the first Hungarian language book on the subject of e-mails .
Now, I am an ordained minister of the Church of Scientology and since 1998 I am a member of the elite religious order of the Church, called the Sea Organization which makes up the most dedicated core of the Scientology religion around the world. This group is trusted by L. Ron Hubbard with the responsibility to safeguard, keep pure and deliver the highest levels of Scientology services and to hold the highest levels of ecclesiastical management positions in the Church worldwide. Here you are getting a short insight to how did it all began in 1967, and how did I get in touch with the subject at the very first time in 1992. Now, the following are two links that you will like very much: about Human Rights & Survival Survival. And what am I doing now, and what are my current interests? ... This!
My favorite restaurant was called Aranyhal (golden fish) at the "Kopaszi gát". The restaurant had a typical Hungarian type of Menu that I like very much. Any additional information won't be ever available here, because this unique restaurant had closed its gates on 22 December, 1996. You can see nice pictures of it at the last minutes of the famous Hungarian film titled Megint Tanú that was shot in this restaurant in 1994. The waiter knew me on my name here, and I used to make big parties in this restaurant such as birthday parties with more than 40 people ...

Finally, here are some useful dictionaries: