A magyar verzióhoz kattints ide!

My first (given) name is: "István." it means: "crown(ed)" - the word comes form the Greek "Stefanos" via the German "Stefan" to Hungarian. In ancient Greece, a wreath was given to the winner of a contest - from which the crown, symbol of rulers derived.

My family name is: "Szaniszló." It means someone who achieves fame or glory - glorious. The word comes from the Slavic "Stanislav".

My body was born on the glorious day of 25 March, 1974. My parents are Elemér Szaniszló and Erzsébet Hevessy

Although Hungary has quite a lack of real ski resorts, another sport I am fond of is skiing. Besides, I like cycling (I have a Basso racing cycle), reading, cooking, going to the cinema, theatre, opera, pubs, parties, concerts, and listening to music - like normal people do, I guess. And of course I like to take photos with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8, which has a Leica lens in it.

Here are a couple of things I am proud of:

One thing I really love is sailing. In 1986 in Cadet class with Ádám Szakatsits I won the "Szobi szörp" cup, and I won silver medal on the national sailing championship of Hungary - being second only behind Szabolcs Majthényi who later won gold medal on the 1994 World Championship in Adelaid, and since that time he has been 11 times world champion sailor by 2015. He set a speed record with my brother.

My brother is a sailing instructor.

While attending 6th class, I won the mathematics competition in my entire school ahead of the 7th and 8th class students who were expected to win. At this time I got my first computer, a Commodore 64. At the end of primary school, I got awarded for being the best student in chemistry in my school.

In my secondary school age I have successfully completed several hiking tour achievement challenges, including:

"Mátrabérc" (55km in 13 hours, 2734m level raise/climbing) tour - 5 X (1990,1991,1992,1993,1994),

"Írottkő 70" (69km in 17 hours, 2003m level raise/climbing) tour in 1990,

"Kinizsi 100‑as" (100km in 24 hours, 2930m level raise/climbing) tour - 2 X (1990,1991).

These are considered the most challenging, most tough tours in Hungary. Making though these tours in the given time limit is challenging the endurance of the individual and it is considered a great achievement. These tours are being done in the most beautiful and picturesque Hungarian nature sites which is an experience in itself and can recompense for everything.

Till October 1996 I have been managing the computer server called Unicorn of the famous KSZK group here, in the Schönherz dormitory of the Technical University of Budapest I liked it very much! I have put the first national IRC server on it at that time. In 1993, a few days after the World Wide Web technology was introduced to the world by the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, togethwr with the Mosaic web browser, I had a WWW server running on the Unicorn already. It was the 3rd WWW server in Hungary after this: "www.fsz.bme.hu" and the one of my friend, Endre Sára, who called my attention to this ground breaking technology. The next system manager of Unicorn was dLux.

At that time I used to manage the server called alpha.ttt.bme.hu too. And I still love to work with UNIX systems, such as: HP UX, Ultrix, OSF/1, SCO Unix, IRIX, AIX, Solaris, Sun OS, Linux, etc.

In May 1996 our booklet was published on "Keeping in touch via e-mail" , which was the first Hungarian language book on this subject. And I was the editor of the booklet "How to protect our network-connected computer systems?" on the subject of security on computer networks. These booklets can be found in the university and academic libraries, as well as electronic libraries in Hungary. They were the first available Hungarian language documentations on the Internet and they were sponsored by the government program implementing the Internet in Hungary: NIIF.
Between 1996-97 I was the system manager of the central main central computers in the headquarters office, and the central network manager of the whole Hungarian computer network of the 41st largest company of the world at that time.
In August 2004 in the city hall, in the public relations office of the mayor of Athens I got awarded the honorary citizenship of Athens together with my friend, Achille Lenzini. No prophet is accepted in his hometown/country. - Luke 4:24. But in Athens I have been always welcomed. .
Here is a very kind and very beautiful letter I received from Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark. The text reads the following: Her Majesty the Queen has instructed me to thank you so much for the very considerate gifts you presented at our pleasant meeting 19 November 2004 in the Yellow Palace. It comes from the secretary of Her Majesty the Queen. And in the letter I am addressed as "Reverend István Szaniszló" which is very very nice.
Believe it or not, I appeared a couple of times in the TV too. This included the RTL, Croatian National TV, etc. And some of my personal work are featured on the official web site of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime. So yes, I definitely have some thing to be proud of.
Since 2001, I am an ordained minister of the Church of Scientology.

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